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BRAM seeks

Just like you BRAM has ambitions. One of these is growth by participation in promising enterprises, like maybe your enterprise ? BRAM participates, bringing not only Marketing- and Sales support but also financial support. Of course, prior to that we will have to talk seriously about it with you and your business partners. If you are willing to share your service or product with BRAM we naturally are willing to set up a Non-Disclosure agreement. 

At the moment BRAM is a stakeholder in several companies and you can expect another surprising venture within the next 6 months. Whenever a new opportunity occurs we usually start with a virtual organization. This means we will start up at our current location and build until it becomes an independent – sustaining company. This way we anticipate faster together. Another advantage, we can use our professional office facilities. Sales activities can be sarted…   The startup of expensive BV’s can be put on hold until it’s absolutely necessary. In this time we can also get to know one and another before we actually start our business venture,  

It takes time to make your orchard grow. Growing a business also takes time. First you need to sow, irrigate for a certain time, and depending on the product and the farm-land (markets), it takes some time before you can Reap. To stay in these metafores; BRAM operates as a fertilizer, providing fast growth so you can Reap sooner or more often. 

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